Silicon Alley

My Manhattan career began at a small yet very chic ad agency on Broadway in NoHo, which was referred to in those days as “Silicon Alley”. You know the type, soaring loft ceilings with the guts of the building displayed like a designer construction site. All of the desks were at off angles and the walls were bright yellow. Everything that wasn’t coated in paint was polished stainless steel. It was all just so shiny. Coming from a sea of grey cubes at Raleigh’s IBM campus, it was like I had stepped into Oz.

We worked eighty-hour weeks, blazing new trails on what was still referred to in some circles as the information super highway. At that time we had both the Chef Boyardee and Jose Cuervo accounts, which meant all of the free canned pasta and tequila you could consume. Most of the food was left over from failed market testing of new recipes like Shrimp Alfredo and the like. Mock if you will but if you’re broke, drunk, and designing at 2 am shrimp in a can doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. The copywriters were always off smoking pot in the stairwells. Our ideas were plastered online and on billboards. We had the flashiest websites and the cleverest taglines. “Cuervo. Make strangers your friends and your friends a lot stranger.” We were living the dream.

For years Mom would refer to this as my “career phase” as if it were something you could take an antibiotic for or at least outgrow in time to make some babies and get that coveted part time gift shop position. At the time she said her biggest failure was raising me to be too independent. I’m not a parent and likely never will be but that seems a little backwards to me. In fact, my independence is the greatest gift she ever gave me. I should thank her for that, but I probably won’t.

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